About Us



Gremio FC San Diego is an American Soccer/Football Club based in Mira Mesa, San Diego, California.  United States Of America

Our club is inspired by one of the Largest Football teams in the world.  This club is GRÊMIO FBPA, from Porto Alegre, Capital of Rio Grande do Sul,  Southern State of Brazil

Gremio FC San Diego is currently a member of the UPSL League (United Premier Soccer league).

In addition Gremio FC SD will participate in the qualifying rounds of the US Open Cup through their affiliation and membership with the UPSL, US Soccer Federation (USSF) and the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA).



Gremio FC San Diego was founded on May 24th, 2018 in Mira Mesa, San Diego, California. Our Founder and President Andre kunz Sana, is a native brazilian from Porto Alegre, Brazil. He has a strong passion for the game and for his team in Southern Brazil GRÊMIO FBPA and its where he were formed as a soccer player, also his big  passion came already before his born, his father holded a small Gremio uniform at the room in the hospital in may 18 of 1981 our president birth and his great Grandfather was a one the best professional Golies in the years of 1917,1918 playing for Gremio and also for the brazilian national team 1922 Copa America Brazil Champions.  Its a passion who came generation by generation.  After Playing for teams in Brazil and Spain, he moved back to his Hometown. In 2014 he moved to California after get his degree in International Bussiness, he was focused in learning English but also to keep playing high level. Last year he played for Temecula FC an NPSL team in Temecula, California and also have been in England with the club.

 After that experience he was decided to open his own club. We want to build the club with a Brazilian mentality and the passion for the game from Southern Brazil. We are one more club who will help keep growing the game here in the USA, with the Brazilian mentality and help the community and young players to be successful in their careers.

We want to bring the passion into and outside the field and show people it’s much more than a sport . It’s a way of life with strong emotions and an eternal love.



Our uniforms are made up of, blue, black and white, that make our kit unusual among of football because few clubs in the world use these three colors

Home colors - Vertical stripes of ligth blue and black, with white piping.

Away colors - White with blue and black

Alternative colors - Dark blue or blue with white details



Our mission is to support the community, help grow the game and help to develop athletes into upstanding citizens, to be sucessfull in their careers.


Our vision is to be a soccer club reference in United States and be in the high level of football worldwide.


CORPORATION INFO - Gremio FC San Diego, Inc.,  is the company which owns Gremio FC SD. Gremio FC San Diego, Inc., is owned by Andre Kunz sana.