Our Philosophy

Although having a common goal in the development process our club adopts the athlete individualization as one of the basic principles of the player development.  Each player receives special attention according to their potential and points of improvement.  Our club develops the training process respecting some studied and well defined concepts by the professionals who coordinate the methodological application in the partnership with Gremio FPBA, Brazil.  

Gremio FC Youth Academy divides the soccer player development process between the soccer school and the youth teams in the formation and elite academy.  The two are parts of the same structure and communicate in a way that the player development process is interconnected.   Between tactical systems and characteristics of the game model our club will work in looking forward to develop the mental attributes that provide a better absorption of the concepts.  This includes making quick decisions and emotional intelligence of the players.  The club understands that the development of the mental capacity is a competitive differential in the current football scene and considers that this has always been a striving feature in the winning teams.  Gremio FC San Diego believes in a player development as the approach to build good soccer players and sportsmanship athletes into upstanding citizens.  

As we develop our young players and offer to them a pathway to the professional level of the game which we also leave them prepared for the collegiate level in case they choose it as well to the professional level.  Our players and teams are developed using the Brazilian training methodology of Gremio FPBA 1903, the club who formed Ronaldinho, one of the greatest players in the world.  We demand that our staff and teams work strongly with ball possession, quick transitions, making pressure in the ball zone, and being aggressive with and without the ball.  The players will graduate based on their hard work and capacity to eventually developing through the program year by year to a greater and high intensity level of tactical training and where the movement of the ball and decision making process turns extremely important.  Our players also will have great international opportunities due to our partnership with a Brazilian First Division Club which is one of the largest teams worldwide and most recognized youth soccer academy in player development.  The tactical systems used by our youth academy has variations.  Our club believes that the best game models to the player development pathway is the systems 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, and 4-2-2.